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Fresh Homemade Ice Cream    Cup  or  Cone
“Just a Bite”                                     $1.10
Small                                               $1.70  
Medium                                           $2.25
Large                                               $2.80
Waffle Cone                    $3.05 $4.20 $5.30
Stuffed Cone                   $2.50 $3.00 $3.80
​Banana Split                                     $5.35
​Ice Cream Sandwich                        $2.75
​Buy By the Bulk              Pint  $4.20 Quart $8.30
​Ice Cream Cake (serves 12-13)  $27.95

Ice Cream Specialties   Spin-In            Sundae 
Small                                $2.95               $3.25  
Medium                            $3.80               $3.80  
Large                                $4.75               $4.35   

Fruit Bowls                              Small       Large
Mixed Fruit Cup                       $2.80         $3.65
Fruit n Yogurt                           $3.25         $3.95
Fruit n Ice Cream                     $3.35         $4.25
Yogurt Only                              $2.35         $3.25

Ice Cream Drinks                   Float   Milkshake  
Small                                      $2.00        $2.25
Medium                                  $2.25        $3.05
Large                                      $3.25        $3.90

Blender Drinks
           Iced Hot   Dreamer    Fruit          MoCo's
          Chocolate               Smoothie    Mum Yum
Small      $2.55     $3.10         $3.10          $3.10
Medium  $3.30     $3.35         $3.35          $3.35
Large      $3.80     $3.95         $4.40          $3.95

​Protein Power Shake (20g protein)    $4.85

Specialty Beverage  Iced Coffe  Hot Chocolate/
                                   (Vanilla )   Cappuccino
Small                            $2.10                  $1.80
Medium                        $2.40                  $2.35
Large                            $2.95                  $2.90

"Best Coffee In Town"
Just a Sip  $1.10    S  $1.40   M  $1.70   L $2.00   

Shot of Flavor                     ​                        $ .65
(Mocha, Vanilla, Caramel, Butter Rum, Hazelnut, 
Mint, Irish Cream, Kaluha, Amaretto, Sugar  Free Vanilla, Sugar Free Mocha , Sugar Free Caramel)

Other Beverages       Pepsi              Brewed 
                                Products              Tea
Small                          $1.15                  $.75
Medium                      $1.70                  $.85
Large                          $2.25                $1.00

(Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Mt. Dew, Dr. Pepper, Root Beer, Sierra Mist, Red and Orange Gatorade)

                  Orange Juice                   Milk
                                               (white or chocolate)
Small                $1.45                        $1.45
Medium            $2.25                        $2.25
Large                $3.10                        $3.10

                Italian Soda or Slush       Creamosa
                Frozen Lemonade 
Small                        $1.70                    $2.25         
Medium                    $2.25                    $2.80
Large                        $2.80                    $3.35
 Fruit Toppings
Topping Flavors 
Hot Fudge
Hot Caramel
Peanut Butter
Nut Toppings
Spanish nuts
Nut Topping 
Candy Toppings 
Reese’s Cups
Reese’s Pieces
Kit Kat
Mini Chocolate chips
Chocolate Covered Pretzels
Crushed Waffle Cone
Ice Cream
"Special Flavor"
​(always changing)
Premium Toppings
Cookie Dough
Cheese Cake 
 Pick your ice cream flavor, then add two toppings of your choice, we'll top it with homemade whip cream and a cherry.
    Cup Cake Sundae
 Pick Chocolate or Yellow Cup Cake, chose you ice cream flavor we sandwich it between the top and bottom, thenadd two toppings of your choice, we'll top off with homemade whip cream and a cherry.   
Pick your ice cream, choose one of the candy, fruit, or nut toppings to blend in.  
Pick from the 4 ice cream flavors.  All toppings available additional
  Dreamer Drink
Vanilla Ice Cream blended with your choice of Orange or Strawberry Juice
​    Creamosa
 Italian Sparkling Water of your flavor over a scoop of vanilla ice cream.
​    Protein Power Shake
 20 gr of protein per shake with less than 300 calories.  Choose our flavors or make up your own.
​    Fruit Smoothie
 Your favorite fruits blended with vanilla yogurt and juice
    MoCo's Mum Yum
Like a Frappe, only 100 times better. Ice Cream, Iced Coffee, Chilled Coffee, Ice and your choice of flavor shots, 
​    Fruit Bowls
 Your choice of fruit. If you choose layer on vanilla yogurt or ice cream, or just have it topped with homemade whip cream. 
 Fresh Coffee. Decaffeinated, Regular, or Bold brews
​    Ice Tea
Fresh brewed sweet or unsweet, and unsweet Green Tea
​    Italian Sparkling Water
Flavored soda of your choice. (Strawberry, Cherry, Lemon, Kiwi, Blackberry, Pear, Blueberry, Watermelon,  Apple, Raspberry, Grape, Lime)
    Sloppy Slaw Wrap​    
 Sloppy Joe, Cheddar Cheese, Slaw, and Mustard wrapped up in a burrito shell
    Breakfast Bowl
 Biscuit, Sausage Gravy, Scrambled Egg, Choice of Cheese, and Bacon in a Bowl
    Breakfast Burrito
 Egg, Bacon, Choice of Cheese, Sausage Gravy
    Breakfast Quesadilla
 Egg, Choice of Meat,
Choice of Cheese grilled in a burrito shell served with Sausage Gravy on the side
    Meat Lovers Burrito
 Ham, Sausage, Bacon, Egg, Choice of Cheese in a grilled burrito served with signature sauce on the side
Salads and Cold Wraps Made to Order 
Our Homemade Ice Cream
Why is it, you ask, that our Homemade Ice Cream is the best around?  It is a frozen custard style ice cream.  Frozen custard ice cream has at least 1.4% egg yolk (pasteurized) and at least 10% milkfat, and is made in a special continuous batch machine created for producing frozen custard only.

In our machine, the custard travels from a refrigerated hopper through a valve into a freezing chamber lined with beaters. As you watch, the frozen custard is pushed through (extruded) out the front of the machine and into a waiting bucket, ready to be served. Because it is not held in the chamber, there is very little air beaten into the custard, referred to as “overrun.” This low overrun (20-25%) is what gives frozen custard its wonderfully dense and creamy texture, or “mouthfeel.”

By comparison, soft-serve, yogurts, and other ice creams are made using what is known as a batch freezer, where the mixture remains in the machine and the overrun is as much as 100%.

Since it is freshly made, our custard is served at a temperature of 9-12 degrees, and is neither flash-frozen nor held at sub-zero temperatures. This allows the flavors to really come through. Wait ’til you taste the difference!

Breakfast Sandwich                                $3.05
(egg, choice of meat, and choice of cheese)
Bagel Breakfast Sandwich                      $3.90
Breakfast Bowl                      Reg $3.35  Lg $4.45
Sausage Gravy and Biscuits                             Just a Bite  $2.40     Cup $3.15     Bowl  $3.80
Bowl of Scrambled Eggs
Just a Bite $1.65     Cup $2.15       Bowl $2.75
Meatlovers Burrito                                   $4.40
Breakfast Quesadilla                               $4.95
Regular Hot Dot                                      $1.75
1/4 lb Nathan's Hot Dog                          $3.25
Slaw Dog                                                 $3.80
Coney Dog                                               $4.00
Sloppy Joe                                               $3.70
Sloppy Slaw Wrap                                   $4.40
Cole Slaw (side)                                      $1.75
Loaded Mashed Potatoes (side)              $2.75
Western Beans (side)                               $2.35
Macoroni n Cheese                                  $2.50
Hot Sloppy Turkey Sand.                         $4.05
Hot Daily Soup 
 Just a Bite  $2.40  Cup $3.20  Bowl  $4.30
Nachos n Cheese                                    $3.15
Loaded Nachos                                       $5.30
Taco in a Bowl                                         $4.75
Taco Salad                                               $5.30
Beef Burrito                                              $4.40 
Cold Cut Wrap                                         $4.45
Garden Salad                                          $3.25
           Add Cheddar Cheese Sauce or 
        Fresh Cheddar or Hot Pepper Cheese 
  to Any of the Above for $. 65
Fresh Baked Cookies $ .85
Muffin or Bagel $1.95
Brownies $1.10
Coffee Cake $1.40
 Homemade Ice Cream Cake
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Ice Cream Cake is the perfect treat for any occasion.  Our homemade Ice Cream Cake is made of a layer of fudge brownie, chocolate ice cream, oreo fudge, and vanilla ice cream.  Each cake will serve 12-13 people.  We require a 24 hour advance order.  $27.95